5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

We’re well into the digital age at this point. It doesn’t take much to set up a professional looking website – either for personal or business use – so why should people visit yours? Although it’s time-consuming, I believe blogging is a fantastic way for businesses to connect with their customer base and improve their web presence.
Here are 5 reasons why businesses should blog regularly on their website.

1. Web Presence

Let’s start with the obvious shall we? Although there are many benefits of blogging, expanding your web presence is probably your main reason for considering it. Here we go then, check out the benefits


Regular and relevant blog posts can improve your website’s SEO. When new content is published, Google is called to crawl your site again and index new content and rank it for keywords. By writing relevant content, people searching for your chosen keywords can find your blog more easily. Afterwards, depending on the quality of the content, they may feel inclined to explore the rest of your website and see what products/services you offer and may convert into a customer.

Also, if they enjoy your blog content enough to share it on social media or other channels, another link will be directed to your website – another win for your SEO.

Fresh Content

If your website never really changes, what is to keep people visiting it? They’ve seen it once and, unless they’re heavily invested in your brand, the likelihood is that they won’t return without prompting and therefore may never see your new product line. However, if there are new, high quality posts each week then visitors are more likely to return. After reading your new content, they may have another little browse of your website.
Your blog content can also be used as content for your social media channels.

2. Build Your Community

Your company’s online community doesn’t have to be restricted to social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Having shareable blog posts can help you build on this community. Plus, if you allow comments you get to interact with your readers on a 1-2-1 basis.

3. Give Insight

Depending on your businesses branding, it may be a good idea to give customers insight into the inner workings of your business and corporate culture. For example, posting interviews with key members of staff or writing up recaps of events your company attends. You can also use your blog to post announcements to help people keep up to date with your business.

4. Add value

A blog can enable a business to add value without customers or potential customers having to spend a penny, which can make them more receptive and more willing to share your blog posts (and even spend money in the future). For example, a business that designs premium WordPress themes may post about some useful WordPress plugins. Readers can find this content useful without having to buy a theme. However, the fact that it is useful may lead them to browse themes or share the content on social media where another potential customer can find it.

5. Increase Your Credibility

Having a blog also allows you to show your customers that you know what you’re talking about. For example, I offer PR and music marketing services and write blogs with music marketing tips in order to prove to potential clients that I know what I’m talking about (as well as adding value for free).

Blogging is a lot of effort, but if you persevere and stick with it you should see results. If you don’t have time to blog, you can hire me to do it for you.