5 New Year’s Resolutions For Music Artists

2014 is coming to an end. It’s been a good year, but how can you make 2015 even better? Why not stick to these New Year’s resolutions?

1. No more spamming

Want to send people your music? Drop them a nice little message. They’ll be much more receptive. Better yet, spend the time writing PR emails to music blogs. Reaching their readers is likely to be a lot more beneficial than reaching one random person on a social network.

2. Delegate

Yes yes, you’re a DIY artist, but that doesn’t mean you have to literally do it yourself. Build a reliable team and delegate jobs you need done, whether it’s promotion, admin work or getting you gigs.

3. Invest in yourself

Whether it’s new equipment, outsourcing your PR or anything else that’s music related. Try and set aside a bit of money each month that you can invest in your career when needed. However, you also need to be realistic about what you need. If you’re just starting out, a PR campaign probably won’t do much as they tend to leverage the audience you already have. Likewise if you’re a producer, headphones from a corner shop are a bad investment, even if they are only £2.

4. Learn a new skill

And become comfortable with it! Whether it’s using a particular effect in Logic, learning to film and edit music videos or learning the basics of music PR. Learning is never bad. Plus, if you can do it yourself, it saves you paying someone else to do it and allows you to teach the skill to someone else (so you can delegate!).

5. Set goals

Goals and targets enable you to effectively measure your progress as well as acting as bit of reassurance that you’re getting somewhere. Set yourself 5 goals for what you want to achieve in 2015. They will not only help you stay on track, but then at the end of the year you can look back and see what you’ve achieved. Just make sure they’re realistic.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Drop a comment below!