10 Mixtape Don'ts

10 Mixtape Don’ts

So, you’re planning to submit your mixtape to music blogs with the hope that they’ll review or at least post it. Well, here’s what you need to know. Bloggers get a LOT of music submitted to them daily and a lot of the submissions are mixtapes. They don’t have time to listen to every single one, so they tend to have ways to choose which to download and listen to. Here’s are 10 ways to ensure your mixtape is NOT listened to:

1) You need an account to download it

Setting up accounts like these is tedious and time-consuming. Your mixtape needs to be easily accessible for both bloggers and fans.

2) It doesn’t go into iTunes nicely

Set yourself as the artist, set the album name and artwork and the track numbers (do not just put them in the name of the song). Set those ID3 tags!

3) Your artwork looks like it was made in paint

First impressions are everything.

4) It’s a .rar archive

Not all computers can open .rar archives without additional software.

5) The actual music files are .wav

If everyone put out their music as .wav files, music bloggers would have no more room on their hardrive to listen to new things. The struggle for space is hard enough.

6) Progress isn’t visible 

Either you haven’t developed enough or you haven’t left enough time for people to soak in your last project. You do not need to release 3 mixtapes in 3 months, instead make one awesome project.

7) You tell me it’s out and don’t give me the link

Bloggers don’t have time to go looking through your social media streams for the link. Make it easy for them otherwise it’ll just get forgotten!

8) It’s FULL of remixes and covers

How can you be an artist with no original material? At least give it a twist! Some remixes are fine (everyone likes things they’re familiar with), but not EVERYTHING, especially if there’s nothing unique about them.

9) You bring it out at an inconvenient time

Such as Christmas, New Year and Easter (or any bank holiday), unless you’re established/gave a lot of notice. It’s the same when people submit their mixtape the day/after it’s been released and expect a long review. It’s best to submit mixtapes for review before the release date so that bloggers have time to listen and write a review to be published on the day it comes out (which is good for promotion).

10) Multiple links

Whether you have to download each track individually or you keep uploading it wrong and have to do it again and give out new links to people. Upload your mixtape (as one download) before the release and just don’t give out the link until the day!