10 Blog Post Ideas For Artists

If you saw my last post, Why Artists Should Blog, you’d know that I think blogging is a very important type of content creation. As a blogger however, I do realise that choosing a topic can be one of the hardest stages of writing a blog post. So, because I’m ever so helpful, I’ve compiled a list of topics you can cover!

  1. How and why you got into music
  2. Who musically inspires you and why
  3. What was your first music ‘obsession’ – Who’s poster did you have all over your bedroom wall?
  4. The troubling task of getting shows
  5. How your music tastes have changed since you were younger
  6. A day on set with ____ (a BTS video would be good with this too)
  7. Who you’d love to work with and why
  8. What you’d be doing if you weren’t doing music
  9. The hardest part of being a musician
  10. 50 random facts about you- It doesn’t all have to be music related, let your fans get to know you a bit more. Plus, lists are nice and easy to read!

Remember: People need to want to read it, so make it interesting!

These are just a few, I might start a weekly Blog Challenge, giving you one idea a week and then that keeps you at at least one post a week. If you think this would be helpful let me know!

If you missed my last post you can check out the benefits of blogging here.