Aysh Banaysh


I'm Aysh Banaysh. A 25-year-old borderline body piercer from London, UK.

Being borderline is hard.

Running a business is hard.

Both together? Boy, I'm a mess.

When I was really struggling I searched the internet desperate to find people like me. I was struggling to manage and cope with the demands of my business on top of my mental health issues, but when I was researched into it hoping to find some reassurance (or even just something to relate to) I was met with a bit of empty space. There is a LOT of content on living with BPD and there is also a LOT of content on running a business, but I found very little on doing both simultaneously (and what I did find wasn't very encouraging).

I want this blog to fill that gap. I want it to be a place where I can openly and honestly talk about my mental illness, my business and how they affect each other. 

As someone who is still in the early-ish stages of treatment, I am both excited and nervous for the journey ahead. I know it will be a lot of work, but I also know that in the end it'll be worth it (although I know it may not feel that way for a while).

I expect that at first this blog will focus heavily on my mental health (since that's my biggest struggle right now), and as I start to be able to function more effectively the focus will lean more towards business.

I'd love to be in a position in the future to offer tips and advice to other people in my position, but right now I'm just figuring things out for myself and inviting you to watch. 

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